Take Shelter Oklahoma is a citizen led effort to place an initiative petition on a statewide ballot to provide for the construction of shelters in all public schools in the state of Oklahoma. Our goal is 155,000 signatures in 90 days. We are calling for a $500 million bond issue to be repaid from the state's general revenue fund. If you are interested in helping us achieve this goal, please use these links to download the petition text and the signature sheet.

BE SURE to read the Directions for Collecting Signatures!

Click Here to Access the Petition Text
Click Here to Access the Signature Sheet
Click Here to Access the Directions for Collecting Signatures (also printed below)

Directions for Collecting Signatures:

1.  When printing the signature pages from the TakeShelterOklahoma.com website be sure of the following:

•    It must be printed on legal size paper (8-1/2”x14”)

•    It must be copied back-to-back with signatures blocks on front and affidavit on back

•    The top and bottom margins must be 1.75” and nothing can be written in the margins

•    No more than 20 signatures can be on a page, they must be in the 20 lines on the form

If the above directions are not followed, then the signatures on those pages are not counted.  State law specifies these requirements.

2.  You must collect the signatures yourself and have the back notarized verifying that you collected those signatures.  You must write the persons name on the lines on the back with each number line corresponding to the name on the front in each numbered block.  Any sheet not notarized will not count.  DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE THE BACK NOTARIZED!

3.  Anyone may collect signatures, but only registered Oklahoma voters may sign the sheet and they may only sign the petition once for this state question on storm shelters in schools – State Question 774.  If they signed the petition last fall, they need to sign the new petition also.

4.  We have 90 days to collect these signatures, so time is critical!  Please send in each sheet of 20 once it has filled and you have it notarized.  Then print a new sheet and continue collecting.  Please send them to:  Take Shelter Oklahoma, P.O. Box 2299, Oklahoma City, OK 73101

5. Be sure to keep the Constitutional language page with you in case someone wants to read it.

6. Here is an example of how the signature line should be filled out by registered Oklahoma voters.  Make certain you can read their name and address – this is used to verify they are registered to vote in Oklahoma.


Printed Name

Home Address where Registered to Vote

City, Zip Code


Fred Smith

Fred Smith

767 Shelter Drive

Sheltertown  OK  73000


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